September 21, 2009

My new shop

I have had a lot of requests for sterling silver jewelry and a line of jewelry that is a little "higher end". Why people would beg to pay more is beyond me but I am happy to comply. I do like to please my customers after all. ;)

So I opened a shop called Ocean Breeze Design. Not to be confused with my "Ocean Breeze" shop listed under "Mompotter". I opened up the mompotter shop before I thought through the name I wanted to use. It is the name I have used on many homeschool forums online. Ocean Breeze Design is the name I have used for a long time with my jewelry making. Are you confused yet? I think I am.

I have a lot of work to go but I thought I would share a couple of photos here of some of the newer pieces. I have also worked very hard at making my photos better. Of course I can always learn more.

Blue Skies

Coral Dance

Ocean Blues

Aqua Clear

There will be a mixture of oxidized sterling silver (black), sterling silver, and some antiqued brass or bronze. I am also pulling out the bead caps and "special" beads that are not easily found. If you can only wear sterling and see a bead (or color) in my first shop that you would like in sterling, please ask!

You will probably be seeing a lot of the oxidized sterling. It is my new favorite!