April 13, 2008

Learning styles

I have been thinking a lot about learning styles today. I was posting on the Sonlight forums about Katerina's birthday and somehow that got me onto thinking about learning styles and specifically talking about visual learning. I struggled to learn in school and I see the same path for Katerina if I can't help her to learn with her strengths.

So I took a learning style test today. The results are posted here for you all to see. I didn't see any major surprises here. Unless maybe it was the social part being that high. I thought maybe the physical or kinesthetic would be higher. I do learn really well by doing. So for me, I guess the ideal way to learn is to draw it and make it.

I would love to find a learning style test to give my kids with information on how best to teach for their styles. I have read a good book that I need to revisit. It is called Talkers, Watchers, and Doers by Cheri Fuller. If you are looking for some information that is a good place to start.

Here is some good information for studying if you already know your child's learning style. I am a visual/nonverbal when I look at their options. Sure wish I had this information when I was starting college. Thinking about all those classes that I had to memorize information for.

I will be revisiting this subject for a day or two I am sure. I seem to get started on researching something and then I can't let it go until I have exhausted my resources (or myself, whichever comes first).


Paula Bauer said...

Interesting test. I am going to have to take it myself and see if it is appropriate to test my kids...the older ones, anyway.

Paula Bauer said...

I took the test today. My verbal is 20...aren't you surprised?!! LOL

what is surprising -- I am above 10 in every single category and at 15 or above in 4 of them.

Does this mean I'm schizo and can't make up my mind??