May 31, 2008

Making memories

We just finished reading about Lewis and Clark. Their exploration of the west has always been of interest to me. I guess when you grow up within miles of the trail it helps hold your interest as a child. I used to stare out the car and daydream about what it would have been like going down the river before houses, roads, and factories along the way. The thought of going over Lolo pass on foot or horseback is just plain scary.

Trying to instill the interest and love of this story to my children is a little harder. My son seems to only be interested if there are battles involved and K needs to be able to picture it in her head or she zones out. Maybe a trip up to Idaho this summer will help. ;)

To keep them a little more interested this week, we made jerky. I have a dehydrator that has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time, so we pulled it out, washed it up and put it to work. Of course I explained to them that this is not how jerky was made back in the time of Lewis and Clark but it will taste just as good (or better).

I am really trying to make it more fun and provide hands on learning. I think this week I accomplished that goal. Tasted good too!

Just as a side note...

There are a ton of recipes on the internet but if you want to keep it simple here are some ideas.

I just have the butcher slice a round roast (tell them it is for jerky), then I marinade it in liquid smoke (very little) soy sauce, red pepper (didn't use this time because of the kids but it tastes better), Worcestershire sauce, Teriyaki sauce and some water. NO, I didn't measure. You can also add other things like garlic, onion powder, pepper, etc. Marinade overnight and then pop in the dehydrator for about 24 hours. Of course venison jerky is the best but I happen to live in the city now, so that won't happen unless my brothers or dad take pity on me.

May 27, 2008

Field Trip

These are banana trees.

They don't do well here because (the tour guide says with a laugh) it gets too cold.

They are very cool to look at and I found their bloom very interesting.

There is just nothing quit like picking fresh fruit and vegetables.

We went to an organic farm today and enjoyed tasting some of their onions, beans and lettuce then we were allowed to pick strawberries. The kids were not to sure about the onions. I was wishing for my camera in hand when my little one took a bite of the onion. The face was just priceless. I did however go prepared when we were picking the strawberries.

I don't think I zoomed in well enough on this face for you to get the full effect. Lets just say I was thankful for diaper wipes today.

Who's child is this anyway and who does her hair?? I really need to do something about her lack of hair style. But she is so darn cute!

May 24, 2008

False Alarm!

Summer is NOT here, that was just a big tease. I claimed that it was summer and guess what happened...

Soccer practices got rained out.

Pulled out the warm PJ's for the little one.

Back to grabbing jackets on the way out the door.

Yep! It was just a false alarm.

Here it is a holiday weekend and we are hoping that our soccer games don't get rained out today. I look out the front door and I see a huge dark cloud. I look out the kitchen window and it looks like a warm day with the sun shining. It is so confusing!

On a roll last night. Made several pieces of jewelry and listed a couple this morning that sold already. Now that is encouraging. Almost paid for the gas I put in my tank today. (She said in a very sarcastic tone!)

Here are a couple other things that I have not had time to list yet. These are a little different for me but I think they are fun.

May 19, 2008

Summer is here!

It is officially hot! Our house is not cooling down much at night and so I declare it summer now. I love summer. The reason I refuse to school all year round is because I love summer so much. Living where it is warm most of the year I no longer get spring fever. I guess now I just get beach fever. When it gets a certain temperature outside and the sun is shining I just want to drop all responsibility and go to the beach.

I just wish we were at the end of our school year. We still have three calendar weeks left but I have gotten so far behind this year that I actually have 8 weeks of curriculum left.

I am such a box checker and cannot stand to have lists left unfinished. How will I ever just walk away and say we are done? I don't plan to. I plan to just do a subject or two everyday all summer. Unfortunately that bugs me too. I want to be able to put all the books away. Order next years stuff, start working on how to make it work for all three kids. Such a dilemma! No matter how I do it, I won't feel finished until I sign off the last thing on the list.

I just have not had a good school year. In fact I can honestly say this was the worst school year for me. Not sure if it was a little bit of burn out, toddler in the house or trying to bring in some extra income that put me over the edge. But over the edge I seem to be going.

Looking forward to days on the beach and time at the pool with friends!

May 15, 2008

Ocean Inspiration

From the looks of the beads and colors I am pulling out these days I must really be wanting some quiet time at the beach. Not that anything is ever quiet around here with four kids. At least when the wind is blowing and the waves are crashing in, it is a different kind of noise.

I made a bracelet last night that just screams ocean breeze to me. I gave it to a very special friend today so you won't find it in my shop (although when I get more beads I will have to make another one). My friend is moving across country and I didn't want her to forget the ocean. Not that she ever could. Of course I don't want her to forget me either.

I really hate goodbyes. My kids do too. They had one last play-date with their friends. They don't think it is fair that people they love have to move away. I don't either!

May 4, 2008

Speaking of music

I just had to share this with all the other moms out there or anyone with a mom.... Guess that covers all of you! I just heard this song and love it! I hope it encourages you today!

She's Somebody's Hero by Jamie O'Neal

May 3, 2008


As I begin to get back to my creative self, I have been thinking about what has always been important to me. I think about the constants in my life. Creativity, books and music. They have a way of leading me back to where I want to go. Silence is a good thing too but when you have four kids the silence doesn't happen often.

I learned how to put YouTube into my blog and I want to share this song. This is Sara Groves and I love her music. I love a lot of music...