May 24, 2008

False Alarm!

Summer is NOT here, that was just a big tease. I claimed that it was summer and guess what happened...

Soccer practices got rained out.

Pulled out the warm PJ's for the little one.

Back to grabbing jackets on the way out the door.

Yep! It was just a false alarm.

Here it is a holiday weekend and we are hoping that our soccer games don't get rained out today. I look out the front door and I see a huge dark cloud. I look out the kitchen window and it looks like a warm day with the sun shining. It is so confusing!

On a roll last night. Made several pieces of jewelry and listed a couple this morning that sold already. Now that is encouraging. Almost paid for the gas I put in my tank today. (She said in a very sarcastic tone!)

Here are a couple other things that I have not had time to list yet. These are a little different for me but I think they are fun.


B. said...

Hi, I found your blog through CWO. I just stumbled upon them as well.

Anyway, I just took the flannel sheets off our bed all excited about the warmer weather, and then burrrrr, it got cold again!

Your jewelry is beautiful!