September 27, 2008

Time for Another Giveaway

I am in a creative slump and decided it is time to get out of it. I really need to get making jewelry again and I can't seem to find a starting point (or maybe it is energy I am lacking).

I enjoyed the earring giveaway I did last March and have decided to have some more fun. Instead of giving away a bracelet or necklace I have decided to give away a gift certificate to my Etsy shop.

A $25 gift certificate is my gift to someone on October 16.

The perfect way to start your Christmas shopping!

To enter you must go to my Etsy shop and spend a little time looking around, then come back here and tell me what is missing, a color combination you like, the styles you like or things you would like for Christmas gifts etc.

For example....

I love the ___ necklace but would love to see it in ___ colors instead. Or, I really like the ___bead in the ___ bracelet but I don't like the ___ that you put with it. You get the idea.

Be sure that I can find you again if you don't have a blog or you are not on a forum I visit then you might want to email me instead. Or if you prefer to not post here you may email me at, write "blog giveaway", in the subject line.

I will post the winner here on October 16th.

September 26, 2008

Hue test

If you are on the Sonlight forums you may have already seen this but I wanted to post it here. This is a fun test. I thought after all my years of working in a frame shop/gallery I would do better. I scored a 12 (and I took it three times). I know I could have done better a few years ago. After all I could tell you if the white board you were looking at was a yellow white, gray white, blue white, etc. test. Go see how you do and let me know. :)

September 24, 2008


I think I can actually feel my heart speeding up when I hear this song. It just moves me. I feel like running, dancing... I can't even explain in words...

September 20, 2008

More Vacation Pictures

Just have to post some more pictures from our trip. It was great for my city kids to get to experience harvest. I spent many summers driving truck for harvest and love that they got to see a little bit about that.

They were very happy when the field was harvested so they could go play. Didn't notice until later that we picked the one weed patch in the whole field to take our picture in. Opps!

Here is the view from the top looking off toward the west. If you look the other way you see all trees. A house sitting right about here would be fine with me. :)

My friend wanted a picture of all of us. Here I am hiding behind my two year old. LOL

September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

September 16, 2008

Back in California!

What a trip!

We had so much fun visiting friends and family over the past three weeks. Time went much to quickly for us and too slow for my lonely husband. There were lots of fun things we got to do and see while on the trip.

Our first two days were spent in the car as we drove from S. California to the Seattle area to spend time with some wonderful friends. We enjoyed our time but it was much too short. We then spent another 6 hours driving to Idaho to be with family. Lots of fun for two weeks there before hopping back in the car for two days to drive back to California.

I took over 100 pictures and it was really hard to just show a few. Of course after I took out all the ones that included friends I was able to narrow it down a little. Here are just a few from the first two or three days. We had fun fishing with Grandpa. The two older ones even got a lesson in how to clean a fish. They loved fishing but had no desire to eat good Idaho Rainbow Trout. I wasn't too interested either when Grandma had already fixed steak. ;)

Holding your breath while cleaning fish doesn't really help much. :)

More tomorrow when I have time....