September 16, 2008

Back in California!

What a trip!

We had so much fun visiting friends and family over the past three weeks. Time went much to quickly for us and too slow for my lonely husband. There were lots of fun things we got to do and see while on the trip.

Our first two days were spent in the car as we drove from S. California to the Seattle area to spend time with some wonderful friends. We enjoyed our time but it was much too short. We then spent another 6 hours driving to Idaho to be with family. Lots of fun for two weeks there before hopping back in the car for two days to drive back to California.

I took over 100 pictures and it was really hard to just show a few. Of course after I took out all the ones that included friends I was able to narrow it down a little. Here are just a few from the first two or three days. We had fun fishing with Grandpa. The two older ones even got a lesson in how to clean a fish. They loved fishing but had no desire to eat good Idaho Rainbow Trout. I wasn't too interested either when Grandma had already fixed steak. ;)

Holding your breath while cleaning fish doesn't really help much. :)

More tomorrow when I have time....


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