September 27, 2008

Time for Another Giveaway

I am in a creative slump and decided it is time to get out of it. I really need to get making jewelry again and I can't seem to find a starting point (or maybe it is energy I am lacking).

I enjoyed the earring giveaway I did last March and have decided to have some more fun. Instead of giving away a bracelet or necklace I have decided to give away a gift certificate to my Etsy shop.

A $25 gift certificate is my gift to someone on October 16.

The perfect way to start your Christmas shopping!

To enter you must go to my Etsy shop and spend a little time looking around, then come back here and tell me what is missing, a color combination you like, the styles you like or things you would like for Christmas gifts etc.

For example....

I love the ___ necklace but would love to see it in ___ colors instead. Or, I really like the ___bead in the ___ bracelet but I don't like the ___ that you put with it. You get the idea.

Be sure that I can find you again if you don't have a blog or you are not on a forum I visit then you might want to email me instead. Or if you prefer to not post here you may email me at, write "blog giveaway", in the subject line.

I will post the winner here on October 16th.


Peg said...

We love the delicate cross earrings. We would enjoy seeing them in different colors and also would like to see what the measurements are. This is something I would get for my girls but would not want it to be overwhelming for their small faces/ears. Love all your stuff!

jewells71 said...

I really liked your work. There are many pieces I would buy. I liked the leaf necklace, but would like to see it in browns/oranges. I love the autumn colors and they go well with my complexion.

micaela6955 said...

I liked the style of the green and pink necklace, but would like to see a few more pink beads on it, not just at the very end... sometimes I wear those colors but if the shirt has a high neckline, it would not show that pink maybe a few set in between the green ones would be good. Also, I love the pool blue earrings-the hoop style is a favorite of mine. I would love to see it in shades of pink or fuschia as well.
micaela6955 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I like the beads in the 'black and dark aqua' earrings, but would rather see them with the silver hooks in the 'saphire window beads' earrings. Maybe 2 beads would be cute for preteen girls.

I love your work!

Rebecca ('hebron' from Sonlight, I accept PM's there)

Anonymous said...

These is so much there! I really think that you have a wonderful variety already! I REALLY liked
Green Pillow beads... maybe try doing this one in red???

FeFe@Good Intentions said...

I'm not a huge jewelry person so I may not be the best to give advice but I LOVED the Simply Blue necklace!
I think you have a wonderful selection. The only thing I thought was missing (and I hope I didn't just overlook it) was necklaces for little girls.

Beautiful, dainty things!

"momofive" from SL said...

Beautiful! There are so many lovely pieces. I know where I'm doing my Christmas shopping!

I really loved the leaf necklace. Love the blues but would love one with purple as the dominant color, maybe one in deep reds or even in a lighter, more delicate color.

Toni, Royal Wild Child said...

I am looking for the "perfect" pink earrings but still haven't found them. I really like the style of the black and green earrings. The silver wire is just right for my "perfect" pink pair, but I can't figure out what to do for the top bead. Something metalic, maybe? Or a clear glass bead?

I really, really like the milky pink flower earrings/ necklace set. That is really pretty.

Oh, the pool blue hoops are adorable. Some different colors would be fantastic. Maybe even some metalic beads.

And I always like pink and brown together.:)
Linda, your jewelry is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Linda, you've been busy! I love so many of your things. I'm thinking about the leaf earrings, except in green, for my daughter.

I'll probably do some Christmas shopping here again this year. What I don't see now, that I'd love to see for Christmas gift giving, is a set in white and/or clear crystal, with maybe some pale blue -- silvery and sparkly -- reminiscent of snow. Yup -- I miss living where it snows!

Connie (Singing a New Song at SL)

Merry said...

My favorite pieces are the leaf earrings with the pink beads, and the blue jangly bracelet with the sailing theme charms. However, I believe I have discovered the source of your creative slump. You are purple-deprived! I love purples (and am wondering if you don't!) and think of beautiful deep sunsets over the water and all the wonderful lavendars, amethysts, rosy purples and deep blue purples I've seen. Purples go wonderfully well with green-blues and regular blues and sea-greens and pinks... Maybe if you envision an ocean sunset or check out some big conk shells, it might help? I also love irridescent beads and anything with mother-of-pearl, if the colors are brilliant. Hoping you can find your inspiration again! Merry :-)

elaine said...

I love the Delicate Starfish Necklace and I like the color of the crystal that you have put with the starfish. However,the weight of the chain doesn't complement and might be attractive using a lighter weight of chain.
Elaine R

Mommy2Boys said...

Your jewelry is so beautiful and you have a wonderful variety. I love the color red and would really like to see more red pieces. The St. Thomas style bracelet would look nice with red and black beads. And I absolutely love the Champagne Pink Cluster earrings, but again I'd love to see them in red!

Sandy (Mommy2Boys on SL Forums)

janetfaye said...

I love the Green Pillow Bead Earrings - long and I
like Antique Brass and Blue - Long Earrings, these would
be great to give to my sis for Christmas, she would love

I would also add the Black Diamond Bracelet and the
Little Treasures to my Christmas list for two of my

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I love the Long Pink Earrings, but I don't wear pink often, so I'd love to see some other colors (greens, blues, browns, purples).

I liked your Red, White and Blue earrings this summer... do you do anything w/ fall colors or leaves for this time of the year?


quitecontrary1977 said...

I love Black Bracelet. I wear a lot of dark colors.This would look great!

K Low said...

Oooh! I don't know where to start. I haven't been to your shop for a while, but it looks like you have lots that I love. The $25 gift certificate would be a great way to start the holiday shopping. I imagine I will be back looking again soon! I do like when you use a variety of beads that look well together, but may not be exactly the same (ie Cafe Latte Swirl Necklace, beautiful).

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Perogi from SL :)
I adore your aquamarine Picaso set and the touch of colour necklace. The "treasures" earrings are also really sweet.
I prefer a silver chain with some beading rather than a full string of beads and I'd love to see some children's jewellry.
You are very talented!

LittleWomenMom said...

Well, I seem to really like the wedding cake beads, as all 4 that I wanted a closer look at, had them. I would love to see one like the Blue and Gold, Pink and Blue, or Green Bracelet made with a deep Raspberry pink and an Emerald Green. Those are two of my favorite colors and friend once made one like that for me, which I unfortunately lost.

Hunybee/SL said...

I really like your eye for color and the unique "beachy" styles you make. My absolutely favorite beads are the aquamarine picasso window beads.

I like tonal, monochromatic, earthy colors and you seem to hit that right with most of them!

Could you possibly do a ring of some sort? That might be neat!

Lona said...

Thought of you when I searched etsy for stampings and found these:

I love your dangle charm bracelets and get lots of comments whenever I wear them. More, more!

I would like to see more metal incorporated into your work--a little color (from the beads) goes a long way. I am more drawn to the chains with something on them than the completely bead-filled necklaces.

I love the leaf charms you have on a few items and missed my chance to buy a necklace in blue/black with the leaves on it. I like to see different chains--like the gunmetal, etc.

I would also like to see some more nature worked in--stones? other nature themed charms and dangly things (don'tcha love my terminology?) like more leaves and flowers.

Cafe Latte and Three Chains necklaces are very nice!

Praying you get some great ideas...

Birthblessed said...

I posted in March's giveaway and I'm still looking for the same-- a necklace that is about 16" and has some kind of pearl but not a little round pearl-- something funkier than a plain pearl, and the chain can be just about anything.

Lattemom said...

My favorites are the square beads. I really love the "aquamarine picasso" and the "up from the sea"...I think I'm just drawn to square and rectangular beads! :) But, as far as a necklace to match, I would always go for an even more simple neckace with a single drop with that same type of square/rectangular bead. Clear as mud? LOL! I really love your work! (LatteMom from SL)

Romans12 said...

I would love to see something with swvarski crystals and sapphire blue or ruby red beading and silver beads. Particularly bracelets with a double strand.

Tara B. said...

They are all so pretty and quite reasonably priced. I love the simply blue necklace! I would love to see a small lotus flower pendenet as an option on some of the necklaces and maybe anklets, I think it would be popular.

For Christmas I think clear crystal or reds would be lovely!

Amy W said...

Wow, you have a great selection at very reasonable prices! I've heard that plum is "the" color for fall, so maybe something new in plum and other fall colors - i.e. bronzes, rusts, and more browns. Try some aqua and brown or pink and brown combos. Blessings to you & your business!

TexasHeather said...

I love the nautical & deep sea charm bracelets, but would love to see them with just the charms dangling, and interspersed between beads instead of hanging from a chain. Is that possible & does it make sense??? (for ex, the Ocean Mix bracelet, with the deep sea charms -- wow, that would be awesome!)

Also would love the purple cross bracelet, but as a necklace in the "shades of purple" colors. Or with a butterfly charm.

still looking around! Your stuff is so beautiful!

-TexasHeather from the SL forums

Karen said...

This is KayKay from Sonlight. I'm so glad to get to see your work. Everything is beautiful. My favorite necklace is the black and bronze. It is chic and simple. I like drop necklaces. I would love to see it with more color. Maybe some of the beautiful greens that you use.

Adela Campbell said...

You have some very beautiful pieces and I am just tickled pink to have found your sight. I am going right back to it to look some more with my daughter to do some Christmas shopping.

I love the Red Butterfly-2 bracelet, I would love to see some more reds for the holidays coming up...

and I would love even more to see some pieces for causes. My nephew is autistic and I am looking for bracelets, anklets, necklaces or earrings in the colors for autism which are dark blue, light blue, red and yellow.

and then for breast cancer.

Any of those I believe would sell for you and I will be checking back to see if you add them.

Thank you for doing a give-a-way, if only that I found your sight. =~)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pieces you have! I am so glad you posted the offer on the boards! I will definitely be shopping with you soon! I love the Long Black bracelet and earring set, but I would love to see a matching necklace. Something with kind of like the bracelet, but with the square design that is in the earrings incorporated in maybe a dangly pendant? Also, I love the coffee and cream crystal earrings. Some kind of necklace would be nice. The wirey kind with a couple of strands kind of like the cafe latte swirl. My name is Carrie Beck (carmelbec on the sonlight boards). email:


sewmelody said...

I really like the Splash of color necklace but would probably prefer a silver chain to the gunmetal...Although I'd probably change my mind once I had it in hand. lol. I had so much fun looking through your shop:)

Anonymous said...

I really love the leaf necklace and I like the way the blue pops out against the silver. I also love the starfish necklace and I would actually like to see the back piece be an antiqued silver finish instead of bronze although I do like the contrast of your current design. I also like the star seahorse and green turtle necklaces but the green turtle one needs something else on there too. I think I tend to be drawn to your pieces with charms on them. The beaded pieces are nice but I like the creativity and originality of the pieces with charms more. Thanks for the super giveaway. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Katie said...

I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to iridescent lt. green/blue earrings. There was a pair of art glass earrings I bought in a little gallery in West Virginia that I LOVED, but I lost one, and I am heartbroken. I would love to find something like it. I really like your "blue earrings" and don't think I would change a thing. I also like the longer style hoopy earrings. I would also like to see more delicate chains to go along with the beautiful beads. Definitely little girl necklaces and bracelets!

Patricia said...

the garden flower locket is to die for, so romantic!!!

i'd like to see more antique materials in chains, i personally don't like very much shiny ones. excuse my poor english, hope i've explained myself!!!!

Kimberly said...

I love all your jewerly. Maybe some bracelets with pink and brown. I also like the coral colors so maybe a necklace that looks like coral.


P.S. Black Onyx and silver is beautiful as well

Sarah said...

Do my suggestions for memorial jewelry and even the suncatcher pendant count, even though I submitted them before the giveaway? :-) I think it could be a good fit for an add-on to your classy jewelry.

Jennifer-Ancientgamecupboard said...

I love the bronze and black series! I also love the leaf earrings, but would rather see it with an autumn green bead instead of the color options shown. Such a lovely shop ~

colleen said...

I love all of your work. My only suggestion would be to offer some of the earrings as clip-ons. My dd loves earrings but does not have her ears pierced. Maybe something in green or orange....her fav colors.

Keep up the beautiful work.

Colleen (flowerchildren5 on SL)

FairLady said...

Linda- I loved your jewelry. You do very good work. I would like to see more tween girl type of stuff. My daughter is 11 and would love some of the earrings, I personally don't like her wearing long, dangly(is that a word?) ones. You need more purples, aqua blues, and and my fave--red! I think you have a really good variety though. :)

annieruth said...

I love your jewelry, especially the blues and sea-themed ones! There's really not a lot I would change, though I am not a huge fan of the gunmetal findings, but I guess that is in right now. I like silver mostly, but that is just me. I think you do a great job with your presentations!

Leslie said...

I really like the earrings called "pool blue". They're hoops, with 3 small turquoise-ish beads on them. i'd like that in a lavendar or darker purple, or a more clear blue.

My ears tend to be sensitive to heavy earrings, and the hoops look like they'd be lighter, so I'd like to get some if they were in one of those other colors!

Liesl said...

I love the wedding cake bracelets, and I would love to see one in brown hues. I get so many compliments on the ones I have!

zeph314.17 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I am very glad to see your things in bronze and gunmetal. I personally love silver, but variety is nice. Several people that I would like to buy gifts for prefer gold, so these metals might work for them. I love the new fall colors, green esp.

brideofkevinstein on SL

Lymeade Lady said...

i like the multi-colored Little Treasures 2. How about a necklace with that OR a similar bracelet, but with charms mixed in (1 or multiple ones like the crosses bracelet.)

BETHANY said...

Oh goodness. I've looked through your site for a while now and nothing is screaming "change me!!". You have a great variety of metals and colors. I'm always drawn to blues and greens, but all your combos look great. The only thing I can think of is to have more short earrings, like the Blue Dream earrings. You do great work!