September 26, 2008

Hue test

If you are on the Sonlight forums you may have already seen this but I wanted to post it here. This is a fun test. I thought after all my years of working in a frame shop/gallery I would do better. I scored a 12 (and I took it three times). I know I could have done better a few years ago. After all I could tell you if the white board you were looking at was a yellow white, gray white, blue white, etc. test. Go see how you do and let me know. :)


Luke said...

Oh my... that looks daunting!


Paula Bauer said...

Hey! Fun test. Was a nice bit of fluff for a Monday afternoon. Am going to share it with my paper filigree friends and challenge them.

I scored a 4. am going to re-take it and see if I can improve.

Hope all is well...we are plugging along.

Paula Bauer said...

okay - tried it 3 times...always 4, always mess up on the same area of the spectrum!

Sarah said...

Mine wasn't a white/blue/gray test from that link, but rather a hue test in 3 sections. I got 35 when 0 is a perfect score. Very disappointing. I scored weakest in the blue/green discrimination range.

However, I didn't make the best effort for the best lighting for trying it, and I don't feel like retaking it, so there it is.

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