May 19, 2008

Summer is here!

It is officially hot! Our house is not cooling down much at night and so I declare it summer now. I love summer. The reason I refuse to school all year round is because I love summer so much. Living where it is warm most of the year I no longer get spring fever. I guess now I just get beach fever. When it gets a certain temperature outside and the sun is shining I just want to drop all responsibility and go to the beach.

I just wish we were at the end of our school year. We still have three calendar weeks left but I have gotten so far behind this year that I actually have 8 weeks of curriculum left.

I am such a box checker and cannot stand to have lists left unfinished. How will I ever just walk away and say we are done? I don't plan to. I plan to just do a subject or two everyday all summer. Unfortunately that bugs me too. I want to be able to put all the books away. Order next years stuff, start working on how to make it work for all three kids. Such a dilemma! No matter how I do it, I won't feel finished until I sign off the last thing on the list.

I just have not had a good school year. In fact I can honestly say this was the worst school year for me. Not sure if it was a little bit of burn out, toddler in the house or trying to bring in some extra income that put me over the edge. But over the edge I seem to be going.

Looking forward to days on the beach and time at the pool with friends!