August 8, 2008

It has been almost a week.

It has been almost a week since the "Big Clean" in the girls room. I thought I would share how it is going. They are still throwing clothes on the floor when they change. They are still leaving shoes all over. I do have to say that the shoe situation has improved a little, could be because I got rid of a few. They have been fairly good about putting toys away (should be easy with only a handful out). The top picture is a felt shirt that has been sitting in the same place on the floor since about Tuesday. You would think with such a clean open carpet that they would notice this poor lonely shirt and put it away. NOPE!

Here is an updated picture taken a couple minutes ago. Not sure if they are ready to have more things back yet or not. I know that most of you would say, what is wrong with that? Well, I guess my thinking is, if you only have one box of toys out and you can't keep it put away what will you do with three or four (or more)? This is training time people! Work with me! Encourage me to stick with it and not give in .

I still have not had time to go through the toys in the garage. I refuse to take a picture of that. I am sure that most people can relate that have more than one child but I am just not ready to show the world my mess if you know what I mean. Maybe if I get it all cleaned and organized this week. Of course that would mean staying home more than a couple hours in the day.


Miss Monica said...

Bravo, Linda! Stick to your guns, Mama! =D

When I was a kid/teenager, my mom's idea of training was to bring in garbage bags while I was at school and scoop up anything that was on the floor. Let's just say I learned my lesson when my only two pairs of blue jeans got scooped up (we went to Christian school and had to wear dresses daily), and I had to live without them for over a month!!! Wearing a skirt or sweatpants to the mall on the weekend as a pre-teen was NOT COOL!!!

Leslie said...

I agree with you, Linda, and my dc have the same "blindness" to things in the middle of the floor. Actually, my worst peeve is when they STAND ON BOOKS!! ARGH! I mean, c'mon, it's not like they can't feel it underfoot!

Keep on keeping on...just like I will!

Lona said...

Stick with it, girl! You will be happy you did, someday. (And when you're done, will you come and train me teens?) LOL...

BETHANY said...

So, how are things going now? Have they earned anything back yet?

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