December 6, 2009

Passing on the Blessing

I have been blessed in so many ways this year. I feel very strongly that I need to pass some of that on to my faithful customers (you know who you are). I have decided it is time for another giveaway on my Etsy shop. Of course you don't have to be one of my customers to enter.

I actually have opened a second shop this year that is primarily sterling silver but it is not stocked as well as I would like. The good news is, I have been too busy making things for my main shop to stock the new one, the bad news is, I have been too busy.... :)

This giveaway is for my original shop, Mompotter. I am giving away three gift certificates this year. You have equal chance of winning any of the amounts as I will be putting all the names in the same hat. The gift certificates will be for $25, $15, and $5. The deadline for entering will be midnight (west coast) of December 14th. I will contact all winners on December 15th. This will give you a chance to get in on my free shipping deal that is offered through December 16th.

How to Enter:

Go to my Etsy Shop and look around.

Come back here and enter in one of three ways.

1) Tell me one thing you would pick for a gift and one thing you would like to receive.

2) Become my fan on facebook (where good deals/sales are posted) and tell me that you have done that.

3) Tell me what you would like to see "more of" in my shop. It could be, more necklaces, more of a certain color, etc.

Be sure to leave some kind of contact information so I can find you if you win. You can enter only once but feel free to fan me and leave comments. The comments really help.

I am also offering free shipping until December 16th for all US and Canada first class mailing only. This applies to both shops.


Anonymous said...

I would was thinking of giving the 3 red beads earrings and matching bracelet and necklace before I chose what I did buy :)

What would I like to get? Something in aquamarine.

"SewWhat?" on SL

Traci said...

Became a fan (didn't know you had a club :) )
All of your items are beautiful and I am ashamed that i don't own any yet. I have drooled several times.
I really like the antique green II necklace. I think MIL would like any of the bracelets.
I love the multistrand type necklaces and would love to see more.
Hoffies5 on SL

BETHANY said...

I just became a FB fan! You've got some cute stuff right now. I'd love something simple like all the $8.00 necklaces, 16 inches, just a couple beads ... but with a green malachite cross. :)

Melody said...

Linda, I became a fan on FB. Melody Belcher Scott

Anonymous said...

I am loving the Dark Amber Brown earrings! All of your items are beautiful!
(ggmom on SL)

ryandkris said...

I became a fan!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful things! I'm one of your facebook fans. :o)

Julie (SL yoyo)

Anonymous said...

I simply love all you make. I wish I still wore earings. I would love to see some more simple necklaces with stones and glass beads. My favorite piece that you have right now is Falling Leaves bracelet, I have been admiring it as I dream of someday being able to buy myself some new jewerly, your shop is on my christmas list. I became a fb fan after seeing someone else had become a fan.

(lynnettemomofboys on SL)

Birthblessed said...

Wanting the Ruby Red set and the aqua hurricane ..... and I have a bunch of other favorites on the silver shop. I also think a few things there my sisters would love, but we have a no-trading-gifts rule for Cmas... her b'day is fair game though. LOL

Leslie said...

I'm your fan on FB! I REALLY like the silver & blue earrings!

Very Verdant said...

I became a friend on Facebook. Sonja Greene

Anne-Marie said...

I'd give the red bead drop earrings to my daughter and choose the raspberry and red bracelet for myself.

Your photography is absolutely beautiful.

from the SL forums

Erika said...

I absolutely love the green and bronze necklace and earrings- if I found that in my stocking, I would be so happy!

To give... I would love to give The Vintage Look necklace with earrings to one or both of my sisters. They would love your pieces!

More of, I prefer to wear sets- necklace and earring combos, so I would love to see more sets. Your color choices are already stunning, no improvement necessary there!

I am now a FB fan, and am putting your shop on my Christmas wish list. :-)

~Lady Marmalade

Momofive said...

I love the autumn leaves bracelet. The colors are stunning. I would love to see more necklaces like the long blue one I bought from you earlier. I get compliments every time I wear it. Would love something like that in different colors. Pleased to look around at your other shop, as well. Love the sterling.

Sherri said...

I don't wear jewelry, so I wouldn't get anything for myself. However, there is PLENTY I would get for my dd. She would wear pretty much everything you have! Earrings are her thing now, since I finally let her get her ears pierced. Purple - there was a Very Purple, I believe. And the ones with the crosses, like the champagne cross. I was going to buy dd some things for Christmas, but then I heard from many relatives who said "Oh, I just bought your dd earrings ...." I'll let her give me a list from your site for her birthday!

Sherri (aka ding-a-ling)

Rose said...

I love the Ruby Red Sliding Diamond set! Beautiful. That would be mine :)

For a gift, I think that those Christmas Themed Glass markers are fabulous and my cousin would love them!

Judy P said...

I found something that I would give as a gift. It is the Oceanview bracelet. Something I would like to recieve would be the Black and Red Dangle Bracelet. You could get a hold of me through Sonlight if my name is drawn. My name on SL is Judy P. You have some beautiful items for sale!

Anonymous said...

I would probably choose Silky Three or Silk n Honey as a gift; beautiful neutral pieces.

For myself, I'd choose the Aqua Earrings with a Tri-Cut bead. =D

A Dusty Frame said...

I love "just a little red" for myself.

I'd get the pink/opal bracelet for my sister:)
Thanks for entering me

Anonymous said...

I became your fan on facebook. You make beautiful jewelry.

Bonkers247 on SL.

Lymeade Lady said...

I really like the black and pink ballet charm bracelet as a gift for my dd. I like the white sandy beaches bracelet. I'll add, I'd definitely encourage more necklaces, which I'd wear more than bracelets. Great store. :)

Mominin said...

I would give the little cross earrings as a gift. I would choose the white sandy beach bracelet for myself. Your jewelry is beautiful!

Mominin said...

I just became a fan on facebook!

Mominin said...

I would love to see more necklaces in your shop. I wear necklaces more than any other jewelry, and that's what you have the least of! Everything you make is so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Became a fan on FB, and checked out your shop. I love the necklaces!
I would love the 3 chain one with the red beads in it. Beautiful!

I think the multi-strand necklaces are very "in" right now, so more of those would be great!
Kristi in the Country on SL

Jenn said...

I became a fan. I'm glad I did too.
IDreamInSign on SL

Stebenjoe said...

I'm already a fan on FB and have already bought what I'd give as a gift - it has an angel charm on it! <3

I'm torn between three items I'd love for myself: green & green, the falling leaves one, and oh christmas tree! I think the last one is my absolute most favoritest.

I'd love to see more stretchy ones for my little girlie. Or nursing beads, although I'm no longer nursing. Or a nativity bracelet!!!

Jana said...

oh my goodness-how could I ever choose just one-I love the ocean breeze earrings.

I honestly didn't see anything I didn't like and your prices are so reasonable.

I would probably choose a bracelet when "gifting" because most people will wear bracelets.

jana said...

I became a fan on facebook :)

ohvotrecoeur said...

I love the twisted black necklace with the red beads - would give that as a gift for sure. And I love the Jet black and smoky glass earrings for me :)

ohvotrecoeur at gmail dot com

great giveaway!

Ruth in the Desert said...

I would love the trumpet necklace or the chocolate cream necklace (I hope I'm remembering that name). I think your necklaces would all make great gifts, but so far I've been selfish and I've only purchased for myself. I'd like to see more blue and green, and orange and green.