February 26, 2008

Thinking like a business woman.

If you are looking for the earring contest, scroll down slightly and you will see it.

I have been so busy the past few days. Trying to keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning, teaching my kids, playing with my little one AND trying to be creative at night. There just are not enough hours in the day, but you already knew that!

I joined an Etsy Team yesterday that is made up of Christians joining together. I look forward to the encouragement that this group could bring. I was able to post their banner but am still working on making it a link. If you click here you can find their team page.

I am working on starting an Etsy Team for home schoolers that also sell on Etsy. (If you are interested please contact me at I am excited to join a group together and hopefully provide encouragement for being creative as well as helping each other market our items. I really get overwhelmed when I think about how big the internet is and how do we even tap into it. I just did a search for beaded jewelry and came up with something like 176,000 results. How does one stand out when there is such a large pool?

I have been thinking (or trying to think) more like a business woman lately and pushing the creative side of me over a little. It isn't working very well for me. I have never been business minded. When I made pottery, I took a lot more joy in giving things to friends and family than selling them. I would much rather go to my mom's house and drink out of one of my mugs than wonder who is buying it and will they use it? That kind of thinking is part of what gets me in trouble.

Maybe it will help me to feel more business like if I clean my desk! You know that personality tests and career tests always seem to ask if your desk is clean or cluttered. I guess that tells a lot about a person. The ironic thing is, everyone uses my desk. I can clear it off but within a day everyone in the family has dropped on item or two on it and that is the end of clean! So it isn't all my fault that I appear disorganized! Really!

Here is what I made last night. I would make everything in these colors if I thought I could actually make a profit doing them. I love these colors. This is a necklace. I really thought about keeping this one. May have to make another one...

For those that have asked about this necklace. I just made it a link to the listing (Can't believe how much I am learning lately). :)


Georgetta said...

I love the necklace! What would the price be? What other charms might there be instead of turtles?

Linda said...

Georgetta, click on the picture. I just set it up. Yes, there are other charms available. If you contact me through Etsy we can talk.


Karen said...

Oh!!! That is too cute! I'll have to browse your other creations.
Karen (THL)

Lona said...

Man, it's sold already!


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