March 1, 2008

SHE - Schooling at Home Etsians

I am so excited about a new venture. I just sent an email off to Etsy (on line market where I sell my jewelry) yesterday to officially start a home school team on Etsy. Basically, teams are groups of people sharing a common bond that join together to support one another in whatever way they decide. I thought how nice it would be to join together the home schooling moms that sell their items on Etsy. This is a great way to support our fellow home educators.

Many, if not most, of us are in single income homes and we are just doing whatever we can to help out. For some, selling their products might make the difference between having books and curriculum for the next school year, or not. I am just starting to think about the books I need for next year. I will begin to put money aside for them now or we won't be getting them. I am so grateful for the talents God has given me and it feels good to be using them again.

So... look under my jewelry pictures on the sidebar and you will see our Etsy Team's items. This is just a sample from each persons shop. If you click on the item you will go directly to their shop. We will continue to grow and so check back often. We also have a blog where we will have give aways and information about the various members of our team. If you are interested in seeing the blog you can find it here.

Well, better get to work or I won't have anything new to show for my time.