March 31, 2008

NO school on Mondays!

There should be a rule - No school on Mondays!!

How did our teachers deal with us on Mondays? If I was anything like my children I should have just been sent to the principal first thing every Monday morning. It is especially bad after spring break (or any break). They were bouncing off the walls today. Everyone talking at once, goofing off, playing, bugging each other, etc.

Today was just a nightmare. Just when I got Elianna down for a nap and thought I would be able to quiet them down and get everyone sitting and working quietly (like all the pictures show), they started talking about a project. John decided to do a Revolutionary war diorama and the girls want to make one for the African Savanna. I know I should have been thrilled but I just wanted them to get their math done!

So tomorrow we go looking for blue and red plastic army guys and little animals. I never seem to do fun things with them so I am determined to let them do this and have some fun along the way. We WILL DO math first!

Of course I will post pictures!


birthblessed said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog and check it out.

urbanbutterfly said...

We do a 1/2 day of school on Mondays cuz it's my hubby's day off. Bible, Math and LA...that's it.

Looking forward to the pictures of the projects!!