March 28, 2008

Spring Break

Our spring break is over. How did that happen. I had big plans for this week. I had intended to...

  1. Catch up on laundry.
  2. Sort the girls clothes.
  3. Buy some summer shorts to go with girls shirts.
  4. Find my flower beds (by taking out all the weeds).
  5. Plant some vegetables.
  6. Put together the basketball hoop that has been sitting in our garage forever.
  7. Did I mention the laundry?

But what did we do instead?

  1. Went to the beach with friends (got burned).
  2. Cleaned our house.
  3. A few loads of laundry (never enough).
  4. Played games.
  5. Made jewelry and worked on Etsy Team stuff.
  6. Played with friends.
  7. Went to a farm/petting zoo.
  8. Played Wii at a friends house.
  9. Played....

Yep! A common theme this week was play. I guess that is a good thing but it doesn't help the laundry situation or the yard.

I did get a lot of jewelry made each night and even got to bed before the AM hours, most of the time. I sold some things right after I listed them. That is encouraging.

I realized today that I better start stashing some money aside for next years curriculum. Could have something to do with getting the new Sonlight and Winter Promise catalog all in the same week. I will not be able to purchase books without a lot of sales. I love the challenge but I am starting to get tired. Need to find that second wind. Thought I would get it this week but really needed two weeks off.

I wish I knew someone who was really good at marketing that could tell me the next step. I am trying so hard and yet feel like I could do better. Just let me be creative and leave all the other stuff for someone else to do.

Bye Bye spring break...


lewintx said...

Spring break is not just for the students, it's for the teachers too. Sounds as if yours was a lot of fun.

urbanbutterfly said...

I'm glad you had fun on your break...that's important too. There will always be laundry...
But I know the frustration of mounting piles. :)

Still waiting for my WP catalog...and I'm only north of you a little ways. But I did get Sonlight's.

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