March 2, 2008

We start them early!

If you are looking for the earring give-away. Please scroll down. It is still going on until March 7th.

I caught these pictures yesterday. She started off at the bookshelf and it was so cute to see her sitting there "reading" that I just had to grab the camera. Of course it wasn't so cute picking up all the books she pulled off of the shelf in a span of 5 minutes. I had to stop eating my Bon Bons, get up, and put them away.

She loves writing too. Her favorite thing to do lately is to lay down on the floor and "write" like her big sisters.

It thrills my heart that she is so interested in books already. We do have to keep all pencils hidden when we are not closely watching her, because she likes them both at the same time and that can become a disaster. She is my FIRST child to write in a book. Yes! Out of four she is the only one.


Marianne said...

She is darling! (and smart too!)

Mommy Lynda said...

You have really lucked out with your youngest being the ONLY one to write in your books. We keep our writing utensils of ALL sorts put away. As both of my older ones have been know to write on more than just books. My youngest is too young at the moment to try.

Andrew Clarke said...

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