July 3, 2008

Beach, Beach, Pool, Pool

Yep! Four days and four outings. Lots of fun stuff all week.

There was a major breakthrough at the pool today. M actually put her face in the water and not just once but many times. I am so excited. This is the girl that cried through swim lessons all last week. The year before I didn't even waste my money because the thought of getting in the water made her cry. The year before that, I actually paid for lessons only to have her screaming so loud, that the pool a mile away could have heard her. So I took a picture today just in case she needs to remember she can put her face in the water.

I think we will avoid the beach tomorrow though. The fourth of July is not the day to hit the beach if you don't like people plopping down right in your space. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.

God bless and keep our troops and their families safe.


B. said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the summer with the beach and swimming. That picture of your daughter in the pool is so cute. My sister has a pool and when my son was little we would try to bribe him with Popsicles if he would swim across the pool like he learned in swim class!