July 9, 2008

There's power, there's power, there's wonder working power!

Someone asked me what VBS was. I sometimes forget that VBS is church lingo and not everyone knows what it is (Vacation Bible School).

I described it as a week where the kids come and play games, sing, learn a few things and the adults go home completely exhausted. :)

That sums up the week fairly well.

Our church is doing a fun science VBS this week. I am taking pictures of the week and loving it. It is giving me a bit of a break from my 24/7 with my kids and yet I am helping. I get to have adult conversations, wander around and see what everyone is doing and even check on my kids sometimes.

I wish I could show you all the fun the kids are having. I try not to post other kids on my blog so you will just have to settle for pictures of my kids again. ;)

M lost her tooth on the first day, E is having fun in the nursery with the other little ones but would rather be out with the big kids.

My kids are helping to lead music and loving every minute of it.


Leslie said...

It looks like they're having so much fun!

But thanks a you've got that song stuck in my head! :)

Kim & Dave said... running through my head now, too! :-)

Renae said...

I'll settle for pictures of your kids any day. ;) They're great!

We get to do VBS next week. It's ironic to me that we are having a "Backyard Club" inside.

And you are right about the exhausted part. I'm already tired from getting ready. :)

Robbin K. Tungett said...

We had Power Lab VBS over here on the East Coast too. I was also the one who got to walk around taking photos all week. It's the sweetest job of all! :)


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