October 18, 2008

This was an AWESOME day!

I cannot get the smile off my face!

I am so happy right now. I am wondering why I didn't just make it happen sooner. I spent a few hours yesterday getting rid of some things and "finding" my potters wheel. It has been tucked away in the garage and unused for TOO LONG!

So today, I grabbed a bag of clay, dragged the wheel outside, climbed up into the storage in the garage to find my old stool and found my tools. I found out that I can still throw. YES!

It is like riding a bike!

The only problem I ran into will tell you better than words. :)

See the smile on her face too? Yep! She loves it! You can't tell by the picture but she has clay in her hair and on her face. She even rubbed it all up her arms and called it princess gloves. ;)

After a little help in centering she was off and running. Now I will be fighting with them for time on MY wheel. Isn't that great!! ;)


Leslie said...

That is SO cool, Linda! Living up to your username at last! :)

Are you going to offer classes? :)

Renae said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm so excited for you!

Ruby said...

Wow, that looks like such fun! I haven't had my hands on a wheel or in clay (except Play-doh, lol!) in over 12 years...