March 29, 2009

Focus on a SHE team Member

This is the start of a weekly post (hopefully) to highlight a member of the Schooling at Home Etsians (SHE) team.

According to Etsy, "Etsy Teams are groups of organized Etsy members who network, share skills, and promote their shops and Etsy together. A Team forms around a shared location, crafting medium, or another interest."

The SHE team has the common ground of being a group of homeschoolers. This team has really grown over the past year. I did not realize it has been so long but the first blog post on the team blog was March 5th of 2008. We started with just a handful of people that happened to "know" each other from the Sonlight forums. We now have over 100 members. Although most are homeschooling moms, there are some teens, recently graduated homeschoolers, some homeschool dads and even some moms that have already graduated their students. What a great combination of team members.

This weeks highlighted team member happens to be one of the first members. In fact if I remember correctly I think she is even the one that came up with the name for the team. She has been very supportive of the team and very supportive of my efforts as I fumble through facilitating this team. Thank you Lona!!

Introducing Lona from ShadySideFarm

ShadySideFarm is not only a working farm but has some great items coming from it. It is a place where they work hard and create lovely things from their own wool. To learn more about this shop please click on any of the items pictured. If you would like to read more about farm life and see some sheep click here.

Here is a pair of socks made completely "from scratch". Not only do they use an antique sock knitting machine to make these but they raise the wool and dye it. Can't get any more handmade than these socks. I am posting these because they are my favorite colors. If you happen to like another color there are plenty to choose from. They are all beautifully made!

Here is a photo of the machine they use to create them. Facinating! A school lesson all in itself!

Speaking of wool, you can buy it this way...

...or how about learning to spin it yourself?

I happen to have a few of her dishcloths and a beautiful rug that sits on my kitchen floor. Lots of talent in this shop. Please go and visit!


Very Verdant said...

Great feature! Nicely Done!

Lona said...

Thank you! What a lovely thing to wake up to...

Cheryl said...

wonderful... and I those socks look so comfy and considering my mother-in-law LOVES socks and would really appreciate these, I am going to head over!

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