March 7, 2009

M turned 7

My sweet little Valentine turned 7 this year. I can call her my Valentine because her birthday is on Valentines day. The day she turned 7 she was walking around pointing out all the things she could do now that she was 7. It was so cute to watch her stretch a little higher and try a little harder.

We have not been able to throw parties for the kids for the past couple of years. This year they ALL decided they "needed" a party. It was small, very small but we were able to do it without breaking the small bank. She invited 6 girls from church but two families were out of town. In this case that meant half the party. I suggested we invite some of our other friends but she just wanted her church girlfriends.

They had fun dressing up, painting, decorating cupcakes, playing "pin the bow on the Hello Kitty", the limbo, and the pinata. I tried to make a pinata but if you have done this before you will realize it takes more than 24 hours. I ended up buying a small one. A simple, but fun little girl party.

Here is the birthday girl with her sisters and mom.

I have no idea what we will do for the other two birthdays coming up soon.


TexasHeather said...

sounds delightful! Happy birthday to your Valentine! those simple parties are always the best, if you ask me. : )

Leslie said...

Adorable! Looks like M enjoyed the party!

Amy W said...

Fun times!! There is such pressure to have big parties in our town. Thankfully, I've convinced our girls we can have just as much fun in our backyard as Chuck E. Cheese!

LaDonna said...

I think you did wonderful. Those were the best kinds of parties for my girls too. :)