January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It is just a few minutes away from being January 2nd. Somehow I feel like I should have blogged today. Isn't that what people do? Start a blog or write their goal or resolutions for the year? I am still wondering what to do with this blog. Why would an introvert that uses up all her words and energy with four kids all day have anything to say?

I thought when I started this blog that I would figure it out as I went. I guess I am just not willing to be totally transparent here and yet without freedom of transparency I seem to be unable to communicate. If I can't be real than what is the point?

Maybe this will be the year I figure that out? Or maybe I will just continue to post fun things, photos of my beautiful kids (you better agree with me on that!), and a little about my jewelry making. I do have big plans to work through a book on creativity and share that journey here. I am just not sure where I will find the time. And again, how I can be real and transparent without putting too much out there. Such a dilemma!

I hope everyone has a blessed new year!


Miss April aka SilverSunbeam said...

Happy New Year! mine starts with my birthday tomorrow (yay!)

I've been blogging since May and i found giving myself a schedule of topics really helped me find a focus. Well, not in the last month... I've been snowed under with life, LOL! Knowing that Sunday means a recipe and Tuesday means window shopping was a real help!

If you're in OJ county why not just drive up into the mountains? I'm reliably informed that they get snow up there!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Happy New Year. I can totally relate to what you are saying. I started bloggin a few months ago and still haven't published the things I really wanted to say. It's turned into a place to put pictures of my kids so my mom can see them. We'll see if this year changes that or not.

Paula Bauer said...

Maybe you intend your blog to be more instructional?

Don't assume that you must be totally transparent in order to blog. I would suspect few people are that transparent...they share to their comfort level. Many can be uplifting or encouraging, some challenging as they share their individual journeys. Some are just a hoot.

I started out trying to make my blog a creative place - sharing about my art and others. But sometimes I didn't feel very creative but still wanted to write, so it became a very eclectic place of musings, art, featured artists, family happenings, etc.

I have another blog for more personal/family heritage type reflections and for creative writing, because I needed an outlet for all those words and phrases that swim around inside me!

What I refuse to do is blog out of some sense of obligation...I refer you to this link for more on that.

I went months this fall without a post...just didn't feel like writing and refused to treat it like some treadmill where I had to churn out content. Life is stressful enough without misplaced guilt!

Relax and enjoy it...use it as an outlet in whatever way makes you happy!

[thanks for letting me use up some of my extensive daily word quota in your comment section.]

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