January 19, 2009

Re-visiting the Crockpot Post

Well, I gave it another shot. I am just going to keep this simple and blame the old crockpot. That is easier than saying I am a total crock-pot failure, don't you think?

I followed a recipe, cooked it even less time than it said and the meat was dry and not very good. Guess who gets to finish up the leftovers when the food is "Yuck!"? Yep, the mom gets to. No one else wants it and I cannot dump it. Not when I am in charge of buying groceries and I know the cost of everything.

So, the conclusion is.... forget using the crock-pot when we are gone until 5:30 pm and just make everyone starve while mom makes dinner. That is what they get for making me eat leftovers for lunch and dinner for two days straight!!


Karen (KayKay) said...

I'm not good with a crockpot either. I've always wondered if it's my crockpot or me!? Now they just wait while I cook or I make soup or something ahead of time if I know we are going to be out.

SevenPilgrims said...

Linda, I LOVE my crock pot. So sorry you've had trouble. With meats, I usually add a lot of liquid (that's a key!)and let it cook a long time. The other day, I put a roast in at about 10pm at night and we ate it for dinner the next night. Earl said it was the best yet. Makes the house smell wonderful and I feel productive (smile). Let me know if you want to "talk crock pot"!

Rachel said...

They make crock pots now that you can set the start and end time. Unfortunately mine is still going strong so I cannot buy a new one.


LaDonna said...

Love my crock pot too. Usually meat takes a long time to cook enough to be tender. I agree, add some liquid, an onion helps too, but depends on what you're crocking. Hang in there!! Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

what did you make? Maybe your crock cooks too hot?