January 8, 2009

Matching Nightgowns

My girls are the complete opposite of how I was as a little girl. When I was K's age, I was outside every chance I had and was usually building forts, playing cowboys and Indians, trucks or just splashing around in the stream catching water skippers. Playing with dolls was NOT my thing at all. I definitely would not have cared about dressing them up or dressing like them. However... My girls are not like I was. They are girli girls and LOVE playing dress-up and playing with their dolls.

This year for Christmas their only desire was for an American Girl doll with matching clothes. The dolls were provided by some very generous friends that wanted to bless my girls. I then went on a search to find some doll clothes that were affordable. I also went on a search for some kind of matching outfits for the girls. A homeschool forum that I am on was the answer to both of those desires. I not only was able to trade jewelry for some wonderful doll clothes but also for a matching nightgown sets for the girls and their dolls.

I am posting pictures of the nightgowns and want to encourage you to click on the photos. If you do it will take you to an Etsy store of the dear homeschooling mom who made these beautiful nightgowns for the girls and their dolls. She is just getting started selling on Etsy and would love some business. The nightgowns are made with lots of love and care. They are wonderful quality. I know because my mom was a wonderful seamstress when I was younger and I was taught to look at the seams and details of clothes. So go and check out Seasideviola Etsy shop. I hope to talk her into some matching summer skirts in the future.


Paula Bauer said...

Adorable girls...look so sweet in their nighties.

Seasideviola's prices seem very reasonable!

Now, if I could get past my hang-up. You know the one..."I can sew that." I can sew, but the big question is, will I ever actually do it - especially before they are all grown up!

[sigh] I think I will plan to sew for my grandbabies - provided they don't start arriving too soon!

Leslie said...

Oh, your dd looks SO sweet in her nightgown!

Thank you for this post...J was just telling me that she wants a nightgown, and she got her first AG doll for Christmas too! I'm setting seasideviola as one of my favorites so that I can order a set before J's birthday!

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