June 30, 2008

Adventure at Sea

OK, so we were not quit "at sea" but we were sure having fun. Lots of little critters to look at and water to jump in. We managed to get up and head to the tide-pools this morning before going to gymnastics. Lots of fun had by all. Wish I could show you more pictures but some have friends in them and I don't think I need to show of my friend's kids. :)

Nothing better than a summer day soaking up the sun and exploring. Unless of course it is sitting on a chair soaking up the sun. Will be doing that tomorrow at a different beach.

Here is the beautiful area where we were. Lots of boats and beautiful rocks and of course an incredible ocean to look at.

Here is J, climbing around on the rocks. They had so much fun exploring and finding things that we were not allowed to take. Yep, that was a bummer! There were some great treasures but they had to leave them for the next person to enjoy. Love the idea, in theory, but it is so hard to do.
J even brought a book to read. I had to crop out his friends but yep, he was reading as usual. Makes me smile every time!

Here is K and M. They were not quit as sure about walking around where the waves could splash them but they still had lots of fun.

And of course E just loved it all. She had sand all over and probably even ate some. She just seems to go with the flow of whatever we are doing.

It just amazes me that this beautiful beach is 15 minutes from my front door.


Leslie said...

Gorgeous beach--looks like you had lots of fun! :)

BETHANY said...

Great pics!! I miss living in a coastal town.

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