June 21, 2008

How do bloggers think of things daily?

I have a couple home school blogs that I read often. I don't have time to read every day but I manage to stop in once or twice a week. I am amazed that they write something new almost every day.

How do people come up with something to say every day?

Are they the people that talk non stop anyway?

Or maybe they are just really wise. I am guessing they wouldn't consider themselves really wise.

Maybe they just like to talk and no adult is around to hear them all day. Is this their way to use up all those words that women supposedly need to use? I say supposedly, because there are some like myself, that don't really NEED to use that many words in a day.

I must say, there ARE some really entertaining blogs that I read and they seem to get more attention than the "wise" ones. Why is that? Are we lacking for entertainment in the 21st century?

Somehow, I doubt that!!

Maybe we all just need an excuse to smile or laugh in our day. I know that I love to read funny stories as much as the next person. I am sorry to say to those few people that pop in here, you probably won't find me all that funny and I definitely don't feel wise.


Luke said...

I can't speak for the moms out there, especially the ones with hysterical posts (which I love as well), but for me blogging every day* is a choice. It started with my media production blog (which has been going for almost six months now), and now I'm blogging every day on the subject of Sonlight and Homeschooling.

It's an exercise, a habit, a choice. And while some days are better than others, I've found that it is fairly easy (with time) to come up with at least something to say. Though, sometimes it is hard to find the hour needed to write up a good post (not to mention the time for research and reading for inspiration and background).


*"Every day" meaning: five times a week.