June 10, 2008

First Beach Day of Summer

June gloom greeted me as I rolled out of bed this morning but it was not going to detour us from the day's goal. We are going to the beach for the first official beach day of summer. We actually had a beach day this spring, and it was a fantastic day, but this day is special. It means that we are officially starting our summer schedule.

We were even more organized this year. At the suggestion of a friend, the kids had packed all but our lunch into the car the night before. They even made a checklist AND made sure I remembered the sunblock. They were so excited that they were trying to put swim suits on at 7:30 this morning. At 10:00 they were getting so impatient that they were picking fights with each other. As I packed up the lunch and got my stuff ready they got to finish a page of math. It kept them occupied for that extra 5 minutes. Of course if they were doing it for a regular school day they could have dragged it out for 30.

Have to share a couple pictures. Most had friends in them but these I can share.

You need to notice the rash guard that the little one is wearing. A home school mom from our Etsy team made this. If you click on it you can visit her shop. She has some really cute ones and it is a great solution for the beach or pool. The savings I will have on sunblock alone, will pay for it.
Isn't it cute?
For those of us that actually showed up on this overcast windy day. We decide we need a t-shirt that says "Beach Warriors" on it. We are the ones that go to beach day no matter what the weather does. I am not sure what that says about us. We are either very desperate to get out so the kids can play or we are just dedicated to showing up. Whatever the motivation is, we always have fun being together!

The kids have a blast and there are friends for everyone.


GemStateMom said...

Lovely--sun, beach, warmth.

When you come up to Idaho this summer, can you please pack a portion of summer, that unknown commodity, with you?

I'm sure your parents told you about our 'taste of summer' on the Palouse yesterday. You can see pics on my blog!