June 1, 2008

It all ended...

...thank goodness!

Everything came to an end last week. Well, everything except school that is. We just finished up ballet with a very long performance yesterday. I can't believe my toddler sat through almost three hours of dancing. The girls were all beautiful and did an awesome job.

I love the ballet classes I have the girls involved in. The dance recital was such an afternoon of worship in dance. It was not about the girls showing off or how much makeup they could cake on. It was dancing for the Lord. The title of the recital was "Celebrate Jesus". That should give you an idea of what it was. My favorite again this year, were the dances that were student choreographed. These young girls have so much talent.

Soccer ended! No more practices twice a week and no more Saturday games. They all had fun and it was a great experience. We love the Upward program at a local church. The sports have turned from a very stressful time to a very positive and fun time. Much better choice for this family!

Awana is over! No more rushing around to get everyone out on Wednesday night.

And last but not least, bible study ended too. WOW! Just looking at all the things that ended this week makes me tired. How were we keeping up with it all? Oh yea! That's right, I wasn't!! Maybe now I can get caught up with laundry and dusting.

I am so grateful for all the fun things my kids get to be involved in but sometimes it is just to much for this "want to be at home," introverted mom.

Now I get to plan for swim lessons, gymnastics, trip to Idaho (I hope!) and beach days! Trying not to overbook for the summer.