June 5, 2008

Trying to keep on track the next few days.

It is so nice not to be running off to ballet lessons or soccer soccer practice this week. I almost feel like summer is here. Or at least it is coming. We are trying hard to stay on task these next few days. It will be hard for me to find a stopping point when we didn't finish everything.

I have not checked it all off, so I don't feel like it is finished.

We have not come to the end of our math book, the girls won't be finishing up an Explode the Code book. They actually finished one a few weeks ago and started the next one.

There are still more books to read (isn't there always more?). I still have more IG pages to go.

Maybe I should consider making a revised list so I can feel like I came to the end of something before starting our summer schedule. Yes, we will have a summer schedule. I am thinking even a half hour a day would not be total torture and still feel like summer.

Always more books than time...

There has also been jewelry making in the midst of this end of school, beginning of summer days. I guess I am looking forward to July 4th. The past two nights have found me with a lot of red, white and blue beads and a few stars thrown in for fun.


GemStateMom said...

I can't speak to the other subjects, but I was told that if you finish 80% of a math book, many programs consider that 'done'. The next book usually reviews material again, so it will be covered. You might glance through your next math books to see if it is covered....unless you absolutely cannot rest without having all the boxes checked off!

SevenPilgrims said...

Hey, my friend . . . I didn't miss having to leave for soccer either, but did miss getting to chat with you! Enjoy some time today though. Blessings on your Sabbath and end of school! We'll get together . . .