June 9, 2008

BC Days

That would be Before Children days...

Yes, we all know that there were lots of things we did before having our own children. We don't always admit to them all.

One thing I enjoyed in my BC days was going to concerts. I went to see people like Amy Grant, Imperials, Michael W. Smith, Rich Mullins, Dallas Holm, Petra, Steve Camp, Keith Green, and many others in high school and college. Yes, I just aged myself.

I have also enjoyed seeing Jars of Clay (before anyone even heard of them I saw them on a university campus in Utah), and many others.

James Taylor has always been a favorite concert. He must have liked Utah since he came there often and I saw him whenever I had money to go.

I don't get to go to concerts anymore. I have however discovered that you can see a lot of groups on YouTube. I am putting in one of my favorites. There are other songs I like better by Jars of Clay but I love this one.


Leslie said...

JOC was the first band that I "got into" after becoming a Christian, and the first Christian band that I saw in concert, so they hold a special place in my heart!

Thanks for posting the video...I wouldn't have thought to look for them on YouTube!

B. said...

This sounds so good! They really look like they're having fun.