June 15, 2008

A Nanny, A cook, A Teacher, and A Maid

My kids and I had an interesting conversation yesterday. No one told me before having kids how entertaining they would be. I am not one for remembering exact conversations (a talent that would be very handy at times). I usually just remember more of the feeling I had while talking with someone so this won't be their exact wording but close.

M: I wish we had four moms.

Me: Why do you want four moms?

M: One for each of us.

Me: So are you saying you want to be an only child? So you have one mom per kid?

K: No mom, that would be boring. If there were four of you then you wouldn't have to spend all your time cooking and cleaning. You could just do art work and play with us.

Me: (Getting my attention with the art work comment). So... what your saying is we need a cook and a maid?

J: And a teacher.

K: And I could cook so you don't have to. (K is learning to cook these days and is ready to open her own restaurant. She is 8.)

Me: So what your saying is we should have a nanny, a cook, a teacher and a maid.

Them: Ya!!

Me: So what would mom do all day?

You can make jewelry, and other art work.

Now at this point I am thinking this is sounding pretty good. Then it hits me, yes I do four (actually five if you count making and selling jewelry) peoples jobs every day. Wonder what I could get paid if I hired myself out? ;)

They decided in the long run that they wouldn't actually want four moms just some people to help mom so I could have more fun. What a great idea!! What great kids I have!!


Leslie said...

What great kids you have! Good idea!! :)

Renae said...

What a great story! I often think it would be great to have help around the house, so I could focus solely on my kids. Instead, I'm trying to get them to help me. ;)